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Senior Principal Network Engineer at U.S. Air Force


Sep 2018 - Dec 2018

In an era where digital security is crucial, a specialized team was tasked with a daunting three-week global mission to design and deploy advanced firewall systems to protect a classified network across four strategic national and international sites. The initiative began with the meticulous design and deployment of Palo Alto Networks PA-5260 firewalls configured in an active-passive high availability setup, ensuring continuous protection of the network's integrity, even during potential disruptions. The team further enhanced network security by leveraging the Palo Alto Networks Panorama virtual appliance, which facilitated the rapid deployment of additional PA-5260 firewalls across the sites, achieving a highly standardized and resilient security posture.

Expanding their protective measures, the team also installed four Cisco ASR1001 routers to serve as the primary gateways for the classified network, effectively managing external access and securing internal communications. They established a robust mesh of site-to-site IPSec VPN tunnels to interlink the four sites securely, enabling seamless communication free from external threats. To manage the complex data flow, they implemented the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and the Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) routing protocols to dynamically control both external and internal IP traffic across the network. This strategic implementation was not merely a technical exercise but a demonstration of profound strategic foresight and technical prowess, marking a significant advancement in securing sensitive data against modern digital threats.


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Securing Global Communications: A High-Stakes Tech Adventure


Sep 2018 - Dec 2018


In a world where digital security is paramount, one team embarked on a three-week mission that spanned the globe. Their task was formidable: design and deploy cutting-edge firewall systems to safeguard a classified network across four crucial sites, both nationally and internationally.

The journey began with the careful design and implementation of Palo Alto Networks PA-5260 firewalls. These formidable guardians of digital information were configured to work in an active-passive high availability setup, ensuring that even in the face of disruptions, the flow of classified data remained unbroken.

With the stage set for enhanced security, the team turned to the power of the Palo Alto Networks Panorama virtual appliance. This strategic move enabled the rapid deployment of not one, but eight PA-5260 firewalls. The result? A standardized fortress, unwavering in its defense of devices, networks, and the sanctity of security policy configurations.

But the team's vision extended beyond firewalls. They architected a robust network infrastructure, introducing four Cisco ASR1001 routers to act as gatekeepers to the classified realms, bridging the external world to the secret communications within.

As the four sites stood fortified, a seamless communication network was vital. The team wove a complex web of site-to-site IPSec VPN tunnels, turning separate outposts into a unified entity, enabling servers and users to converse in the securest of languages, unintelligible to any eavesdroppers.

To orchestrate the flow of information, the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) was implemented, allowing the Cisco routers and Palo Alto firewalls to dynamically manage external IP addresses, a digital ballet danced on the global stage.

But the internal landscape was not forgotten. The Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) routing protocol was infused into the network's veins, linking Palo Alto firewalls and Dell S6010-ON distribution switches in a dynamic routing symphony. This meticulous planning also ensured that OSPF could route traffic through the IPSec VPN tunnels, connecting the four sites in an unbreakable chain.

This was not just a series of technical implementations. It was a saga of strategic foresight, technical dexterity, and unyielding commitment to securing a network against the threats of a digital age.

Julian Yates
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